Hey Sugar Professional Waxing Better Than DIY | The Practical Beauty

Why Professional Waxing is Better than DIY

There are certain grooming routines best left in the hands of professionals. Haircuts are one. Eyebrow shaping is another. And for me, I’d say hair removal should be on top of that list. Removing unwanted hair and getting a professional waxing procedure for this is always the safest option. 5 Reasons Why Modern Filipinas Should…

What Made Me Try Essential Oils? | The Practical Beauty

What Made Me Try Essential Oils?

Why did I try essential oils? My story begins with PMS. When I am PMS-ing, it gets pretty bad. I experience the usual – mood swings, cravings, and body weakness. However, what I hate the most is when I get this really heavy feeling from head to toe paired with abdominal cramps. Yes, I have…

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