How Much Should Filipino Writers be Paid | The Practical Beauty

How Much Should Filipino Writers be Paid?

How much should Filipino Writers be paid? I have been freelancing for six years, and I commonly encounter this question in forums. In lieu of a recent event (read on to know what event), I thought that it is time I gave my two-cents on this. Hopefully, with today’s post, I’ll be able to answer…

Why UpWork Online Freelancers Can't Submit Proposals | The Practical Beauty

Why UpWork Online Freelancers Can’t Submit Proposals

Who this post if for¬†– UpWork online freelancers with a few years of experience. This post in a nutshell – UpWork’s new security measure. Problem – Can’t submit proposals +¬†Solution – Verify profile/account through video chat/call. Because I search for jobs constantly and check my messages all the time on UpWork, I log into my…

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