Spend Time Away From Your Kids | The Practical Beauty

Why It’s Important To Spend Time Away From Your Kids

Do you spend time away from your kids? Clingy – a term commonly used to describe an object or a person that clings. This is the perfect adjective I would use to describe my son. He is 9 years old. Well, he’s not that clingy anymore since he now wants to spend more time with…

Footsie Toesie Bacolod Review

Footsie Toesie Toe-Shoes Collection and Review

Are Footsie Toesie Bacolod shoes worth buying? Let me start by saying that I work as a freelance content provider and strategist. I only go out of the house when I absolutely have to. Most times, I go out to eat with my fam or with friends, do grocery shopping, or attend blogging events. Recent Outfit…

Movie Review - Bullying - A Girl Like Her | The Practical Beauty

A Closer Look Into Bullying Through A Movie

High school was amazing for me. I made a million and one memories that I will fondly reminisce every time I pass by my university. But, it wasn’t the memories that were the best part of the pie. The cherry on top was getting to spend those wonder years with the best people in the world. My…

Buying Affordable Everyday Shoe Brands | The Practical Beauty

Affordable Shoe Brands VS Quality with Simply Shoes

Have you ever wondered about the quality of affordable shoe brands? Well, I always do because I always connect it to this saying in freelancing. That’s kind of weird for me to say, but the people in my line of work believe in the saying: “you get what you paid for”. I often wonder if…

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