Palty Hair Dye Review in Sakura Creamy | The Practical Beauty

Palty Hair Dye Review: Creamy Sakura

Palty Hair Dye Review in Sakura Creamy – I love dying my hair but I don’t exactly have the time to book an appointment then go to the salon. What I usually resort to is the DIY approach – I buy an easy-to-use hair dye (usually shampoo or bubble hair dyes), and I apply it myself.…

The WORST Shampoo for Dyed Hair | The Practical Beauty

You’re Using The Worst Shampoo for Dyed Hair

I have always colored my hair without giving any thought to the after-care. I used to disregard having an after-care regimen for my dyed hair because, to me, I did not find it necessary to change the way I shampoo. But, my opinion changed when I wrote an article about hair bleach (I write for a…

What You Need To Know About Short Haircuts | The Practical Beauty

Are Short Haircuts For You And Your Face Shape?

Whenever a woman needs a change in her life, she shops for new clothes, shoes or bags, she travels, or she changes her hairstyle. In my case, since I am the practical kind of Maria, I went for changing my hairstyle – drastically, I might add. I went from Rapunzel to a Filipina who’s just gotten…

What did they do to their hair??? Is this the new Bacolod Hair Trend?

Surprise Undercut: the New Big Hair Trend in Bacolod?

Have you ever felt like you’ve done almost everything with your hair that you don’t know what to do with it anymore? Well, this 2016, you might just change your mind about the whole “I’ve already done everything with my hair” bit because here comes a new way of updating your hair and giving it an edgy feel…

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