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EVERYDAY OILY: My Essential Oils Journey

Skin Care Tips For Humid Weather | The Practical Beauty

Skin Care Tips For Humid Weather

Here in the Philippines, everybody knows that the weather is tropical and maritime. Although the Modern Marias of this country are all too familiar with how the weather works, we, unfortunately, don’t know how to take care of our skin properly as we battle the rain, heat, and humidity. What’s worse is that we refer…

Hey Sugar Professional Waxing Better Than DIY | The Practical Beauty

Why Professional Waxing is Better than DIY

There are certain grooming routines best left in the hands of professionals. Haircuts are one. Eyebrow shaping is another. And for me, I’d say hair removal should be on top of that list. Removing unwanted hair and getting a professional waxing procedure for this is always the safest option. 5 Reasons Why Modern Filipinas Should…

What Made Me Try Essential Oils? | The Practical Beauty

What Made Me Try Essential Oils?

Why did I try essential oils? My story begins with PMS. When I am PMS-ing, it gets pretty bad. I experience the usual – mood swings, cravings, and body weakness. However, what I hate the most is when I get this really heavy feeling from head to toe paired with abdominal cramps. Yes, I have…

How To Get Started With Young Living Essential Oils | The Practical Beauty

How To Get Started With Young Living Essential Oils

The person who introduced me to Young Living Essential Oils is my sister. She’s a full-time homemaker, with several businesses on the side. But, she dedicates most of her time to her kids – Lucas (4 yrs old) and Scarlet (less than a year old). She got into oils because she’s into natural remedies for…

National Pampering Day 2018 - Nailaholics Bacolod | The Practical Beauty

How to Get Nailaholics Services For ONLY P10 on Pampering Day 2018

Pampering Day 2018 at Nailaholics is coming up and thank goodness that it is. Now in its third year, Nailaholics is, once again, bringing you one day where you can experience their services for a minimal price. This year, we celebrate #NationalPamperingDay in Bacolod City on OCTOBER 17, 2018 from 10AM to 2PM. National Pampering Day…

Neobeau Home Clinic Diamond 3-Step Peeling Program by NewLife | The Practical Beauty

Neobeau Home Clinic Diamond 3-Step Peeling Program

Above cosmetics, one aspect of beauty that everyone should absolutely focus on is skincare. I cannot stress enough how important taking care of your skin is, especially if you like putting makeup on every day. For me, this entails monthly visits to the Dermatologist or any skincare clinic. However, I need to be realistic most…

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