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# makeITsafePH – We live in a world where everything is literally at our fingertips. One tap on a screen, and, BOOM, we can get our food delivered and our errands finished in a matter of minutes. We can also chat with our friends and loved ones in real time despite them being miles away. Everything has become so convenient that we aren’t even willing to leave our house to buy clothes, shoes, bags, makeup, and the like because we have online shopping. But, has this convenience become a problem for most of us?

# makeITsafePH: How We Can Save Ourselves From Online Shopping Addiction

Online shopping addiction is such a common problem, not just for women but, for both genders. Although it is an addiction, we don’t really talk about it or even discuss it because we don’t see it as such. It is about time that we shed some light on this issue. Hopefully, this guide will tell you everything you need to know about online shopping addiction, including how to handle it.

Online shopping addiction or compulsive shopping can sometimes be reffered to as Omniomania, or an obsessive or uncontrollable urge to buy things.

What Makes Online Shopping So Fun?

According to a study by Selim Günüç, from the Yüzüncü Yıl University, and Ayten Doğan Keskin of the Ankara Numune Training and Research Hospital, the top five reasons why people like to shop online are as follows:

  1. Enjoyment or Relaxation
  2. Practicality
  3. Ease of Use
  4. Unable to find time to shop
  5. Need

Take note of the number one reason why people like to shop on the internet. Basically, this tells us that we love to shop online simply because it is fun and relaxing. Keep this in mind as we go to the next question.

What Causes Online Shopping Addiction?

Just like any addiction, we aren’t actually addicted to the deed. For example, we aren’t addicted to the clothes or makeup we buy online. With Online Shopping Addiction, we get hooked because we feel good whenever we hit that “Buy” button. We feel excited, exhilarated, and fulfilled. This is backed up by the data found on the study mentioned.

What’s The Big Deal About Buying Stuff Online?

It’s an addiction so it is a problem. If you have an unlimited income stream, then you might as well stop reading this post. But, if you are a working class citizen, like me, then it’s best that you do something about this. Also, your Online Shopping Addiction can eat up so much of your time that you will barely have time for yourself, your friends or your family.

How Can I Tell If I Or My Friend Is An Addict?

First of all, you have to know what signs to watch out for. According to Psychology Today, there are 10 signs of an Online Shopping Addict:

  1. You couldn’t stop even if you wanted to.
  2. Online shopping has hurt your relationships with the people close to you.
  3. Everyone is concerned.
  4. You always think about online shopping.
  5. You feel upset when you cannot shop online.
  6. I hide my purchases after they’ve arrived.
  7. I feel guilty after checking out.
  8. Online shopping is your only stress reliever.
  9. You spend less time doing things you love because you are always online shopping.
  10. You buy things you don’t need and can’t afford.

What To Do

When you have seen some or all of the signs in yourself, your friend, or a loved one, it’s time for an intervention. You’re going to need some professional help when the situation is really bad. However, if you think that it is manageable, try the following:

  • Erase all card information from all of your shopping sites you charging won’t be as easy.
  • Set a time and spending limit. Ask help from friends to monitor you.
  • Identify your triggers. What makes you shop online? Is it boredom. Stay away from triggering factors as much as possible.

I do hope that you have learned something from my guide. I’m glad that I am a part of the # makeITsafePH Campaign because I get to talk about important issues that are plaguing our society. If you found this helpful, do share it to spread the love, and don’t forget to watch out for other # makeITsafePH posts.


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