Who this post if for – UpWork online freelancers with a few years of experience.

This post in a nutshell – UpWork’s new security measure.
Problem – Can’t submit proposals + Solution – Verify profile/account through video chat/call.

Because I search for jobs constantly and check my messages all the time on UpWork, I log into my account every day. Last week, after I accepted a quick project from a new client, I noticed that I couldn’t submit proposals to other projects anymore. So, I thought that maybe it was because UpWork updated their terms as to the number of open contracts you can have.

Why Online Freelancers Can't Submit an UpWork Proposal | The Practical Beauty

But, that wasn’t the case. I didn’t contact customer support until I finished the mini project I took on. Once I did, I checked if I could submit proposals. I still couldn’t and here’s the main reason why.

Added Security for Clients and UpWork Online Freelancers

#1 Reason Why You Can't Submbit an UpWork Proposal | The Practical Beauty

When I had a customer rep on live chat, I found that my account was put on hold. The main reason is this:

UpWork has been getting a number of reports regarding fake accounts. As an added security measure, a live chat with a customer rep is required.

In one of UpWork’s Help Center posts, it is stated that a video call may be required for added verification.

Read the full post here.

UpWork Profile Verification | The Practical Beauty

Verification Process for UpWork Online Freelancers

I am not 100% sure why my profile was flagged. It may be because:

  1. My profile was already lined up for verification. It just so happened to be my turn last week.
  2. I’ve been actively applying for jobs/projects.
  3. Someone reported my profile (least likely).

Whatever the case, the verification was quick and not that much of a hassle. The only thing that I would like to point out is that I have not received an email regarding my account being put on hold. UpWork said that they did send an email, but I am not sure why I did not receive anything in my inbox. If I hadn’t contacted customer support under my own initiative, my account would still be on hold.

Common Questions You Might Ask Regarding this Topic

1. How would I know if my account on UpWork was put on hold?

I don’t know about the other indicators, but one sure fire way is that you cannot submit proposals. You also should have received an email regarding your account being put on hold.

2. What do I do if my account was put on hold?

You need to contact customer support right away or you can follow instructions on the email that UpWork sent (granted of course that you did receive one).

3. How long will the verification take?

Mine only took 5mins. They just need to see your face via cam and hear your voice to verify that it is you.

Hope this helps! Check your UpWork profiles today to see if you received an email about your account being put on hold. I’m not sure if you can verify your account ahead of time, but when it happens, you’ll know exactly what to do. Happy working!


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