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How Much Should Filipino Writers be Paid | The Practical Beauty

How Much Should Filipino Writers be Paid?

How much should Filipino Writers be paid? I have been freelancing for six years, and I commonly encounter this question in forums. In lieu of a recent event (read on to know what event), I thought that it is time I gave my two-cents on this. Hopefully, with today’s post, I’ll be able to answer…

Cheapest Way to Get Colourpop Lipsticks | The Practical Beauty

How I Bought My Colourpop Lipsticks for Only P148

Of course Filipinos love Colourpop lipsticks! That’s why many of the modern Marias here in the Philippines buy them through online sellers or local boutiques even though the prices on them are a bit higher than the prices posted on the official Colourpop site. But, I wasn’t having it. I thought to myself that the…

Quick FX No Shine Mattifier Review | The Practical Beauty

Quick FX No Shine Mattifier Review

Quick FX No Shine Mattifier Review: Oily skin does not look good on anyone. That’s why we Modern Marias carry quick fixes in our bags – blotting papers, baby powder, powder foundation, the works! Alas, no matter how many “quick fixes” we bring, they seem to be no match for the Philippine humidity. Personally, this…

Why UpWork Online Freelancers Can't Submit Proposals | The Practical Beauty

Why UpWork Online Freelancers Can’t Submit Proposals

Who this post if for – UpWork online freelancers with a few years of experience. This post in a nutshell – UpWork’s new security measure. Problem – Can’t submit proposals + Solution – Verify profile/account through video chat/call. Because I search for jobs constantly and check my messages all the time on UpWork, I log into my…

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